Wu Tianming Film Fund for Young Talents

Established in 2014 by its parent organization the China Film Foundation, the Wu Tianming Film Fund for Young Talents is the sole non-profit foundation set up by the CFF dedicated to the discovery and development of young talents within the film industry. The fund is a non-profit charitable foundation which aims to emulate the ceaseless dedication of Wu Tianming to the film industry, and to provide a platform for the training and development of promising young talent. Through a series of initiatives, including the establishment of a jury and awards ceremony, it provides training opportunities and financial backing for film projects by young filmmakers which it deems to have potential for development. The fund also provides contacts, supports, and opportunities for development at every level and every stage of the film production process both domestically within China and internationally, by working with film production companies, major film festivals and film schools. In this way, it aims to promote and develop new talents within the industry, with a special focus on young directors, screenwriters and producers, so as to help young filmmakers produce works that can achieve success on an international level and further raise the profile of the Chinese film industry.