April 2015 Press conference at Beijing International Film Festival

On 19th April 2015, China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents held its first press conference during the Beijing International Film Festival, formally announced the detail of its operations and opens for application of young filmmakers’ projects. Besides provide financial support to outstanding projects, the Wu Tianming Fund will also collaborates with leading film studios in China, major distribution platforms and international film production resources to provide support to young filmmakers from every aspect from the industry. Speaking guests include: deputy director of SARFT’s film bureau Mr. Mao Yu; renowned director, producer Mr. Huang Jianxin; CEO of Stellar Megamedia Mr. Zhao Jian, CEO of Chengtian Entertainment Ms. Yi Jianmei, CEO of Iqiyi Mr. Li Yansong, CEO of Entgroup Mr. Gao Shouzhi, general manager of Galloping Horse Pictures Mr. Chen Lei, chairman of H&R Century Pictures Co. Ltd Mr. Chen Yuan, deputy general manager of China Film Co.,Ltd’s distribution branch Mr. He Wenjin and CEO of Movieview magazine Mr. San Mu, all joining forces with Wu Tianming Fund to provide outstanding young filmmakers’ projects a platform on international film festivals for distribution and collaboration, dedicating to establish a practical and efficient way to channel production resources for young talents and helping them to distribute their work on major international film festivals.


April 2015 Beijing International Film Festival signing ceremony

During Beijing International Film Festival, China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents had formed strategic partners with more than a dozen major film studios within the industry and held a signing ceremony during the Festival, forming an alliance dedicated to supporting young talents. Distinguished guests leading the signing ceremony include, deputy director of China Film Foundation Mr. Yan Xiaoming, general manager of Galloping Horse Mr. Chen Lei, CEO of Stellar Megamedia Mr. Zhao Jian and deputy general manager of H&R Century Pictures Co.,Ltd Mr. Jiang Xinguang.  


April 2015 Light of Masters’ charity dinner.

On the night of 19th April 2015, China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents held Light of Masters’ charity dinner at The Beijing Parade. Invited guests include director-general of China Film Foundation Mr. Zhang Pimin, deputy director-general Mr. Yan Xiaoming, renowned film director Mr. Huang Jianxin, Mr. Zhang Jizhong, Mr. Gu Changwei, Ms. Jin Yimeng, as well as leaders of Wanda Films, Stellar Megamedia, Entgroup, Dayang Huaying and renowned actor and actress, Ms. Tao Hong, Ms. Yan Bingyan, Ms. Gong Peixin, Mr. Wu Shixian, Ms. Liang Jing, Ms Cheng Lin, Ms. Zhu Shimao, all attending the dinner to cherish the memory of director Wu Tianming as well as carry on his legacy of dedicating to support young filmmakers in an ultimate goal to contribute to a better Chinese film industry.


April 2015 Wu Tianming’s Retrospective Exhibition

Between April 2015 to July 2015, organized by China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents, the retrospective exhibition - “Once upon a time, there was a China – by Wu Tianming” was held at China Film Archive. A selection of films that director Wu Tianming directed, produced, helping to realize or acted in was on shown at the event, include: “Song of the phoenix”, “River without buoys”, “Ren Sheng”, “Old Well”, “King of Masks”, “C.E.O”, “The Horse Thief”, “The Swordsman in Double Flag Town”, “Red Sorghum”, “The black cannon incident”, “King of the Children” and “Full Circle”. Comprehensively review director Wu Tianming’s life’s work, and reprise Mr. Wu Tianming’s life as a master movie director.


June 2015 Shanghai International Film Festival

During Shanghai International Film Festival, “China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents held “Today’s Star – the path and system for supporting young filmmakers” forum. The path of supporting young filmmaker was taken in different forms in varies countries and regions, since young filmmakers’ works usually were considered as some of the most creative, most open ended and also most risky that are filled with plenty of uncertainty, therefore assisting in young filmmaker’s work in every country and region requires the collaboration between government, cultural management department, film festivals and even societies’ common endeavor. Due to this, China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents invited the director-general of China Film Foundation Mr. Zhang Pimin, Venice Film Festival’s leading official in charge of selection from Venice Film Festival Ms. Elena Pollacchi, CEO of International Short Film Company Mr. Carter Pilcher, leading official in charge of selection from San Sebastian International Film Festival Ms. Bérénice Reynaud, Director of Hong Kong International Film Association Company and Asian Film Investment Association Hong Kong Mr Gao Siya, CEO of Fu Yi Pictures Mr Shan Dongbing and director of movie “The Nightingale” Mr Philipe Muyl to lead the discussion on the topic of supporting young filmmakers.


August 2015 Award ceremony press conference for selected projects from young filmmakers

China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents held the award ceremony press conference for the selected young filmmaker’s projects on 28th August 2015. Since the launch of the selection event, spanning 130 days, more than 300 applicants’ project were send in for selection. Wu Tianming Fund had invited producer, chairman of Laurel Pictures Mr. Fang Li, founder of Meng Films, director of “Sophie’s Revenge” Ms. Jin Yimeng, founder of Qing Lang Script Studio, screenwriter of “American Dreams in China” Mr. Zhou Zhiyong, film critic, chief editor of Movie View magazine Mr. San Mu and producer, director of China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents Ms. Janet Wu as the final judge of project selection. Providing the winning projects with 100,000 yuan RMB as the kick start financial award, and will connect them with the industry resources by helping them establishing platforms for attracting more collaboration from the industry. The first five films that are receiving the financial award include: director Dong Songyan’s “A postcard sending to no.78 of Tan Hua Lin Street” - a story filled with lively characters and tender feelings that are connected by a suspenseful main plotline; Director Ji Zhuqing’s “Offenders and victims” - a story rooted from realism, through its uses of image to share a sense of humanitarian connection with audiences; Director Song Yuefeng’s “Mad sheep” - took place in a world of animals, elaborated by vibrant imagination, told a story of romantic slaughter all without losing a sense of tender touch; Director Xu Ang’s “Diamond Hotel” - utilizing mult-plotlines narrative, layered characters and a hotel as a backstage, communicating a sense of deep emotions brought out by relationships between its characters. Director’s Yang Nanqian’s “Winning gold medal for dad” - a real story always has a sense of power that fictions could not match. Deputy director general of SARFT’s film bureau, Mr. Zhou Jiandong, director general of China Film Foundation Mr. Zhang Pimin, deputy director general of China Film Foundation Mr. Yan Xiaoming, director general of China’s producers guild, vice-chairman of China Film Foundation Han Sanping and renowned director Jiang Ping all attended this press conference.


September 2015, “Venice day” - Venice Film Festival.  

China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents became a collaboration partner with Venice Film Festival’s “Venice Day”, and is responsible for selecting and sending two excellent young directors to attend full events at Vennice Day, among which include the “28 times cinema” - a training program that will invite 28 young filmmakers from 28 European Union countries and brought them to engage in complete film viewing and workshop activities during Venice Day. Throughout the Film Festival, these young filmmakers will have opportunity to watch every competing films and joining into the everyday discussion forum and selection events. Film professionals and master filmmakers that came from varies countries and regions will leading and directing the workshop’s attendants and they will gaining valuable filmmaking experiences shared by those filmmakers come from different countries. Young filmmaker selected by Wu Tianming Fund to attending Venice Day event this year is director Song Yuefeng and director Ji Zhuqing, this is the first time that Chinese filmmakers will attending full events at Venice Day of Venice Film Festival.


October 2015 Tokyo International Film Festival a retrospective of master and promotion for young filmmaker’s work

In memorial of director Wu Tianming, the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival special invites his representative work “Old Well” to be shown at Masters’ Screening Unit. This film was awarded Best Picture on the 2nd Tokyo International Film Festival, and is also the first Chinese film won an A-grade International Film Festival award. On the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival’s Chinese Film Week, “Once Upon a Time, There was a China – By Wu Tianming” – an retrospective screening for director Wu Tianming was held, screening films include: “River without buoys”, “Ren Sheng”, “King of Masks” and two of other best works made during the period when director Wu Tianming was at helm of Xi’an Film Studio.

At the same time, China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents is succeeding director Wu Tianming’s spirit and legacy of supporting young filmmakers by collaborating with Tokyo International Film Festival, and recommending young Chinese director Xu Ang’s directorial debut “Twelve Citizens” to be shown at “Promotion for Young Director” event, as well as invite director Xu Ang to the Film Festival and communicate with Japanese audiences. Wu Tianming Fund is also collaborating with Chinese Film Week and held “Young Filmmaker’s Development Forum”, inviting young filmmakers from both China and Japan to communicate and discuss about the future of film industry from dual perspectives.


January 2016 Light of Masters Screenwriting master class.

China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents held the event “Light of Masters” screenwriting master class at Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. From December of 2015, spanning 30 days, a selection of 200 students was chosen from 600 applicants to taking the master class. Invited lecturers include, renowned Chinese screenwriter Lu Wei, screenwriters from Hollywood: John C. Richards and Steven Gary Banks as well as Korean screenwriter Choi Seok Hwan to share their screenwriting lecture and valuable experience of working in the industry from a global context. Besides the lecture, events include “De-poisoning films of 2015”, “Animation discussion forum”, “Screenwriter’s survival guide” and “Path to professional screenwriting”. In addition to this, in order to encourage participation, lecture and event costs, as well as attending students’ accommodation fee are fully covered by China Film Foundation – Wu Tianming Fund for Young Talents.